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How and Nosm, MR Jago at Scope New York

Duncan Jago Untitled

Duncan Jago "No Fear Shadow"

Duncan Jago "Learning to See Through Flames"

How & Nosm "Living in the moment won't save US or THEM"


How & Nosm

How & Nosm "Accipitridae Birds of Prey"

If you are in New York be sure to check out How & Nosm and Duncan Jago at Scope New York. Contra Projects present these Artists to the International Art Fair in New York. It seems as ifl How & Nosm are one of the hottest Artists at the moment pushing, the envelope on their Monumental Murals. It is good to see these artist being able to showcase there talents on such a big stage. Duncan Jago’s beautiful painting style, is also brought to NY as he captures color and light in a way only he can. These new works amazing in pictures, I’m sure will only be more breathtaking in person. So i suggest if your in the NY try to get out and support these artists. I was lucky enough to get my hands on some of the pieces that will be showcased, enjoy.




Pener was good enough to send me some Sneak shots of his upcoming show in Poland with Proembrion. I couldn’t think of a much better duo to show together as I’m sure the work will be amazing. Very Talented artists out of Poland pushing some next level conceptual installation work, canvases and walls. I am know where near Poland to view this show and i am jealous of anyone that will be able to attend. All the info is below. Stay tuned for the follow up shots after the opening.




“Two artists with, not the stereotypical approach to Streetart, will create gallery space structure enriched with images painted on canvas. The synergistic action of two creative artists is through dialogue in the language of abstraction and geometry.”

Wernisaż zaczyna się o godzinie 22.00 Opening starts at 22.00
w sali niebieskiej klubu SFINKS 700 – żołądkowy poczęstunek dla gości in the hall of the club’s blue SFINKS 700 – Gastric treat for guests
wstęp FREE do godz. FREE admission to the chair. 23.00 23.00
po godz. after hours. 23.00 wstęp 10pln 23.00 Introduction 10PLN
AFTERPARTY na fontannie start 23:00 Start the fountain AFTERPARTY 23:00

SASIN saksofon + TUSE gramofony (FUNKY BREAK SET) Sasin saxophone + TUSE turntables (FUNKY SET BREAK)

Poesia and Francisco Franco “Foundation” at Old Crow Gallery

Poesia "The Kiss of Judas" 2011

Poesia Detail

Poesia Detail

Poesia Detail

Poesia Detail

Poesia "The Lion Hunt" 2010

Poesia Detail

Poesia "Rime" Sketch

Poesia Detail

Francisco Franco Transfixiation Series

Francisco Franco Detail

Francisco Franco "Double Helix"

Francisco Franco "Transfixiation Series"

Francisco Franco Detail

Francisco Franco Transfixiation Series

Here are some pictures from “Foundation” Poesia and Francisco Franco’s current exhibition at Old Crow Gallery. If you are anywhere near the San Francisco Bay Area try to make it out to this show before it ends Feb 5th. We were blessed to have the gifted photographer Scott La Rockwell stop by the opening and take some shots of the work. All these pictures are courtesy of Scott.

Ill leave the commentary to comments section and anyone else that writes about it, even though i would love to ramble on about what it meant to me to paint these paintings. Maybe next time. Till then enjoy and thanks for all the support from everyone. All the necessary info is below. You can also catch more pics on Poesia’s Flickr link Below

Show Runs January 15 at 8:00pm – February 6 at 8:00pm

Old Crow Tattoo and Gallery
362 Grand Ave
Oakland, CA


Foundation Flickr Set

Poesia’s Facebook Page

Francisco Franco Website

Part2ism Retrospective 1995 – 2011 at Bar Lane Studios York

Part2ism - The Zee & the two untitled 44" x 56" (mixed media on canvas)


If you are in York or anywhere near it make sure you are able to check Part2ism’s Retrospective Show. Before the bubble of street Art was created Part2 was ahead of the curve pushing boundaries in Graffiti as well as Installation based conceptual projects in the streets. It is good to see at such an early age Part2 have a retrospective. After talking to him I think this is just he beginning, he has a lot more up his sleeve in 2011 and beyond.


1 Bar Lane, York, YO1 6JU
Tel: 01904 635 563
Bar Lane Studios 2010

Bar Lane Studios Website

Part2ism Facebook
Part2ism Myspace


Ran into this Video of Nawer Vs Temporary Space Development and also got a link to some pics from the making of the video. Nawer pushing limits once again a nice mix of Multimedia Graffiti. Hope Everyone has a Happy New Year and lets see what we have in store for 2011. GF


Nawer on Behance

Temporary Space Design

Jaybo Monk live painting Video at Soto Berlin Shot and edited by Timid

Very Nice Video of Jaybo Painting Live at Soto Berlin. Shot and Edited by Timid Great Work all around. Photo’s Courtesy of Jaybo’s Facebook Page.

Jaybo’s Facebook Page

Jaybo’s Website I Wish u Sun

Timid Agents of Change Site

Retna Solo Show Silver Lining Primary Flight Art Basel 2010

I had the pleasure of making it out to the opening of Retna’s new show Silver Lining held in Miami’s Design district for Primary Flight. I have watched Retna’s work evolve for over a decade now, and to see him reach the prestige and recognition that he has gives me hope that the Art world sometimes can get it right. I can tell you all about what Retna’s work might mean or theorize about the reasoning behind some of his new work, but i would rather explain what it means to me. Retna’s trademark hand style and amazing painting skills are always a reason to appreciate his work. What moves me is his ability to capture our culture as a graffiti artist without having to deviate from his work. The conceptual part of bringing graffiti into a gallery has been lost of late. The installation of a room of tags in this show is very powerful in my opinion. When we look back and are remembered for our history it will be installations like this one, and artists like Retna that will have documented a culture that at times water downs its art as it enters a gallery. I give Retna much respect and praise for not only giving us these beautiful paintings but also documenting for us a true testament of what graffiti is.



Primary Flight