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How and Nosm, MR Jago at Scope New York

Duncan Jago Untitled

Duncan Jago "No Fear Shadow"

Duncan Jago "Learning to See Through Flames"

How & Nosm "Living in the moment won't save US or THEM"


How & Nosm

How & Nosm "Accipitridae Birds of Prey"

If you are in New York be sure to check out How & Nosm and Duncan Jago at Scope New York. Contra Projects present these Artists to the International Art Fair in New York. It seems as ifl How & Nosm are one of the hottest Artists at the moment pushing, the envelope on their Monumental Murals. It is good to see these artist being able to showcase there talents on such a big stage. Duncan Jago’s beautiful painting style, is also brought to NY as he captures color and light in a way only he can. These new works amazing in pictures, I’m sure will only be more breathtaking in person. So i suggest if your in the NY try to get out and support these artists. I was lucky enough to get my hands on some of the pieces that will be showcased, enjoy.




Mr Jago and Vermin production, Moon street, Stokes Croft, Bristol. June 2010.

Had the pleasure of getting these Pictures of a New Production by Mr. Jago and Vermin two very talented Painters from the UK. I am Looking forward to seeing more work from the two, and ill be sure to get some more work together to feature them in the future on the site. Loving the painterly feel to the wall its good to see these artists getting down and dirty on walls, as well as canvases. There’s something about seeing a work in this scale on the street that it just hits you a little bit more. Looks like the UK is putting out some really dope work lately.

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