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Moda Hotel Mural Install Remi Rough, Joker, Sueme, and Augustine Kofie

Photo Aaron R T Smedley

Photo Aaron R T Smedley

Photo Aaron R T Smedley

Photo Aaron R T Smedley

Photo Aaron R T Smedley

Photo Aaron R T Smedley

Photo Aaron R T Smedley

Photo Aaron R T Smedley

Photo Aaron R T Smedley

Photo Aaron R T Smedley

Photo Aaron R T Smedley

Photo Aaron R T Smedley

Photo Aaron R T Smedley

Photo Remi Rough

Photo Remi Rough

As we posted previously Remi Rough , Augustine Kofie, Scott Sueme, and Joker would be installing a mural. They finished there Mural Install at the Moda Hotel in Vancouver as part of their Unintended Calculations Show at Becker Galleries. Monumental in Size the 4 man team was able to tackle the walls in a 3 day period leading up to the opening. Indigo the curator of the install and event couldn’t have picked anyone else that would have complimented each others work so well. Thank to Aaron Smedley for the beautiful photographs as he was able to document the install. Also thanks again to GetGrounded TV for the video shot day one of the install. We hope to have some of the pictures from the opening of the show in the next couple days.



Graphic Surgery Interview

Collage, 120 cm x 120 cm, Amsterdam, NL

Photo installation (directly printed on aluminum dibond panels), 2009, dordrecht, NL

Mural with Erosie at group exhibition 'Random Order', 2010, Hasselt, BE (

Mural at Graphic Design festival, 2008, Breda, NL (3D object by Marcel Thelen)

Mural, 2009, Utrecht, NL

Photos taken between 2006 -2010, uploaded to (online archive of a small selection of our photography)

Murals in Club Trouw, 2009/10, Amsterdam, NL

Painting on deep edge canvas titled 'NDSM'. Mixed media, 150 cm x 200 cm.

Mural, 2008, Zaandam, NL

Mural at NDSM, 2009, Amsterdam, NL

Graphic Surgery Piece

Photos taken between 2006 -2010, uploaded to (online archive of a small selection of our photography)

Scanned collage, 2009, Amsterdam, NL

Reconstruct Solo exhibition 'Reconstruct', Extrabold Gallery, 2009, Luxemburg, L (

Mural at Java eiland, 2009, Amsterdam, NL

I first started to notice the work of Graphic Surgery through their murals on the internet, it was only until recently that i started to see the full scope of there artwork. It is hard to define the works of Graphic Surgery as they cross so many mediums and intertwine them all into there final finished work. Hard edges, perfect line work, geometric compositions built from the daily snapshots of there environment. Seeing art in images of cranes and the natural design of their cities. Using space and design to build powerful works of art and detailed Murals. This Netherlands based artistic duo made the time to talk to us about there work, here is our conversation.

GF: Thanks for taking the time to have this conversation with us, i know its tough and you guys are pretty busy at the moment and working on a lot of projects, add that with being half way around the world and a 9 hour time difference i think we finally got this worked out.

Graphic Surgery: You’re welcome. Thanks also.

GF: So what is Graphic Surgery exactly, and how did it come to formation?

Graphic Surgery: Graphic Surgery is the collaboration between visual artists Erris Huigens and Gysbert Zijlstra. We met in art academy, where we noticed each others’ early work. We both took similar photos of mostly city surfaces, details and elements. Our first project together was during a screen printing class.

GF: How would you describe the work you do, and does medium play into a particular style. For instance do you approach a wall differently than you approach design or print.

Graphic Surgery: The term Graphic Surgery is a description of the way we work. The process itself is a cut and paste approach. We sample from our own photographic sources and construct a dynamic tension of graphic elements. Whether we make a collage, painting, screen print or a mural, we like the idea of not knowing on forehand what the end result will exactly look like. We like to work with certain rules and restrictions though to ensure a recognizable style and narrow down the endless visual options.

GF:Why do you paint walls, i know it seems like a weird question but it is something that intrigues me about abstract painters that are so good at design and painting. It seems that to paint a wall there must be some other driving force.

Graphic Surgery: Walls are one of many surfaces we love to apply our work to. Our work is strongly influenced by city elements. The city is mostly built up out of walls, so it is simply a perfect surface to apply it to. One could say our work belongs to walls. We actually started painting on walls because we lacked a certain amount of studio space, wanted to work big and love to paint in public space/ the streets.

GF: Coming from a more Graffiti letter based origin at first it took me years to start to evolve into a more abstract style. Do your paintings have any letters in them at all, if not what is the basis of the artwork. If one doesn’t approach the wall to paint a word or letters, what is the idea behind the painting?

Graphic Surgery: It has never been about letters. Though some shapes may even seem to be letters. We do have the idea to construct a font one day, using our typical visual language. Through the years a recurring theme are ‘construction cranes’. Besides being visually and endlessly inspiring, cranes are the symbol of change in the city. Wherever there is a crane something is going to be built or demolished. As soon as the transformation has been completed the cranes move to the next part of the city. The process of a city under construction fascinates us. In our work we try to capture this process of constant change.

GF:I only ask this to enlighten other artists that sometimes struggle with letting go of letters all together and really just painting.

Graphic Surgery: We like to work with graffiti writers, yet we always work with writers who do something different. In essence they are still graffiti writers, but they also take it to a next level. Letters and type still form the base of their work, but they dare to think outside the standard rules of graffiti. The trained eye can still read their letters and recognize a certain style, but for most people it’s abstract painting. At this point we meet. Many people try to ‘read’ our murals and try to make letters out of it, which is fully understandable, cause a lot of times it’s placed within a graffiti context.

GF:I know as a working artist it is a must to make money while working and to make sure there is food on the table and a roof over your head. What is graphic surgery’s idea of a perfect paying project?

Graphic Surgery:Getting paid a fair amount of money for the work you want to make, and at least all expenses are paid for.

GF: I seen that you just finished a show at Alley Gallery in Hasselt, Belgium, how was that experience and is it something you would do again?

Graphic Surgery:It’s always good to work towards an exhibition, a driving force to produce new work. As artists it’s very important to exhibit your work in group- as well as in solo shows. Of course we’ll do it again. In fact we are working on two new exhibition concepts at the moment, also incorporating 3D-installation and animation.

GF: Any advice to other artists out there that might be looking to get into similar endeavors as graphic surgery?

Graphic Surgery: Make sure your work is good and most important: keep refreshing yourself. Yet you’ll also have to find a way to make a living. You’ll have to connect with people who might like your work. Selling is a result, never the aim of a conversation.

GF:One question i ask of each artist I Interview is to try to define the word Graffuturism as it has not true definition yet.

Dynamic Graffolution. It’s about redefining graffiti boundaries.

GF:Any last words or shout outs to anyone?

Graphic Surgery:Shout to all our on- and offline friends, family and favorites.

To see more of there work you can check out the sites below.

Graphic Surgery Site
Graphic Surgery Flickr
Graphic Surgery Photos on Fotolog

Futura 2000 Photography Interview

I have been watching Futura’s Flickr page for awhile and was immediately hooked. We all know the painter that is Futura the Graffiti Legend the Prestigious Artist, many of us weren’t aware of Futura the Photographer. Futura’s Flickr is a hidden goldmine of photographs that document Futura 2000. You get glimpses of his travels, his passions, his ability through a camera to paint a picture as good as anything he paints. As you see through the eyes of the artist through his photography you are allowed into his world one frame at a time. I got to catch up with Futura and here is our brief conversation.

GF: So being a painter for so long, how did these pictures start to play there role in your palette of all things Futura,also how would you describe the recent photos?

FUTURA: Props to ART CRIMES for that initial interview. NINETEEN NINETY SIX©

In the MID NINETIES when I gravitated to the INTERNET . . . I had two objectives.

ONE: create maintain produce and upload all content on that ORIGINAL domain.

Learning HTML at that time was easy. if you know how to copy&paste . . . anything is possible. of course I’m not saying looking at some other existing site and CLONING that; I’m saying understanding the most generic embedding code; which is all you need. At such point simply insert (your own) media and MARKINGUP all the necessary text&images. The personal propaganda can revolve around any subject you like. Most from our culture show images of work and extend the VIRTUAL GRAFFITI experience. I say that’s cornball. I mean I get that, that’s always what the community will do. It’s the PROTOCOL. But I’m different. By NINETY FIVE it had all been done. The entire journey from toys to trophies. So there’s a desire to move on; and the INTERNET was a massive highway. I got in the fast lane. Even back then I understood the power of personal publishing. Not having to depend on someone else’s knowledge to enable you to do what you want. You must be empowered; you must learn. You must be AUTONOMOUS.

TWO: in the process of doing all that . . . I am trying to communicate with the END USER but not on a ONE DIMENSIONAL level. On a MULTIDIMENSIONAL one. Make people think and possible even confuse them in the process. hahaha. A psychological experiment with over a HUNDRED pages of a internal extremities. That site is the architectural template for the FUTURA book released in TWOTHOUSAND.

Cut to the chase . . . in the past few years I have reCONNECTED with IMAGES and INFORMATIONS. My personal donation to the WORLD at LARGE. My voyages and experiences;

The last THREE years archived here:

I’ve only been on FLICKR for little over a year; but I like this application. Real comments; not GENERIC ones. My only complaint is FLICKRGROUPS. That world is just too artificial. Visually I prefer FLICKRIVER:

Because who doesn’t love a BLACKGROUND now I’m into FLUIDR:

Because I like some DATA with the DATABASE.

GF: I remember Buying your book and being blown away. Not in the respect that hey this is a good book great archive of flicks, but in the way that you see for the first time what is possible with print, What is able to be done in a medium that you thought had already been established. I think in the Last 20 years still only Damien Hirst’s book “I Want to Spend the Rest of My Life Everywhere, with Everyone, One to One, Always, Forever, Now” was even close to as groundbreaking and that was almost 6 years after yours had dropped.

I had the same experience when visiting your website for the first time, i don’t think i had the same experience once visiting that site. Coming back to your site was like viewing a new site, it was as if you had rearranged things. I can see where you are coming from with that as far as thinking outside the box and beyond anything that is considered normal. The problem is and I include myself, is that we approach a wall or canvas we are about to paint with the thought of creating something that is fresh and new, but rarely do we do this in all aspects of what we make public. For Example blogs websites, books etc. I feel you are the true definition of a way to look at progression, it is seeing it before it comes and already moving on. With Social Media being now fed to the public it constitutes once again a new shift. I guess i will be watching you closely as I am sure you have already devised a plan for something that will be beyond social media.

I also agree with your take on Flickr it is the most direct way to interact and get genuine feedback from people that are watching you. The groups section is OK as a default tool, but i do like the other applications you mentioned. Most websites default tools now days pale in comparison to 3rd party applications that utilize them. To me these applications are the next level of digital tailoring. If your Web experience doesn’t fit you, developers out there are tailoring specialized applications to suck you in even deeper. Now with the launch of the ipad and the paradigm shit to digital books/videos such as new medium such , I can only imagine what you will come up with in these new mediums in the future.

You talked about personal publishing which in essence now is Blogs. To me great sites and blogs fill a void that is not well represented, the real long tail so to speak of. Watching your flickr pics is like seeing glimpses of a legend that are real hidden treasures through your eyes. You give us enough to want to keep coming back for more telling stories without words, and yet still capturing with the nuances and manipulation of colors, angles, cropping. We can still see the painter that is Futura aka Futuradosmil even in photography.

Thanks for taking the time to talk with me and allowing me to publish some of your work on the site.

Any last words or topics you want to mention.

FUTURA: Thank you very much. you seem to be an extremely bright individual. that’s very IMPORTANT. there are definitely too many QUASIMODO’s in the MIX. I wanted to finish by mentioning a few things (obviously, I’m a list maker) first and FOREMOST; don’t ever allow anyone to dictate what you’re not capable of (personal peeps or professional participants) because only you control the MASTERPROGRAM. secondly and then seriously; don’t think too much of yourself. in the larger scheme of time&space (you must have realized) we are utterly insignificant. therefore; have alot of fun doing your thing (however bizarre that might be) while you try and micromanage emotions&economics.

The serious part. If you are prepared to or have taken a larger step at creativity; as in motherhood/fatherhood then I commend you. Nothing I have ever done or will ever do; will be as BRILLIANT as the TWO stars in my life. TIMOTHY&TABATHA will forever be works in progression.


You can view Futura’s Flickr Page here