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Artist Feature Erico Orbit 119 “Suits” Works on Paper











French Artist Erico recently sent me some pictures of a series of works on paper he was working on, which he loosely titled “Suits”. We have shown some of Erico’s wall work in the past on the site with Antistatik and Orbit119. This is the first time showing some of his other Artwork, and i really like the direction he has started these works. Hopefully we can see them expand into some paintings in the future. Here is a brief quote from the artist describing the work.


“With up coming elections and all the media mashing that we will be fed, I marvel at “the political portraits” of future or past candidates, crispy clean, with (or without) the look of victory in their eyes. When the TV shuts off, the image is gone, and if you don’t understand much of what is going on, all that is left for you is the memory of someone in a suit with big plans for you in the making. Here are some portraits of people with big plans, faceless plans with strings attached. facets that you didn’t know existed. I don’t know if id vote for them. Which one would you vote for?”


Steve More Artist Feature & ‘A’ An exhibition by Steve More & Remi/Rough

Steve More Studio

Imaginary Places detail

Steve More Detail

Versus IV Detail

Everything at Once

Versus IV

Nature Nurture 2009

Imaginary Places

Steve More Studio

A exhibition

This is a bit of an Artist Feature/Preview of some new work from the artist Steve More. He will be exhibiting in a 2 man show next month with Remi Roughe. I was first introduced to Steve’s work in the agents of Change group show in 2009. I was drawn to his abstract style and visual use of texture that added a 3d dimension in his work. Steve More’s work reminds me at times of some images u might find in an old typographers workshop. I think of a crafted painter when i look at these pieces, something that was weathered and formed into being. With so many slick painters nowadays pushing out hyperized styles its refreshing to see some craft in a fine art environment.


Here is an excerpt from there Coming Show “A” “Steve More’s work has a tactile quality that is derived from the surfaces in his environment. Found and discarded materials are assimilated into pixels, questioning how the computer age affects our perceptions of time and place. His work is meticulously crafted using the forming and subsequent erosion of materials as an important part of the process. In contrast, Remi’s work is less premeditated and more concerned with immediacy of the moment.

The title for the show ‘A’ holds a significant meaning for both artists: It symbolizes new beginnings and heralds a coming of age. It also gives a nod to their past muse: Letter form (A being the first letter of the alphabet). It also bears light on the ‘Abstract’ world in which they convey their ‘Art’, and their ‘Avant garde’ attitude with which they produce it.”

Event Info

Tuesday, February 1 · 7:00pm – 10:00pm
Location Blackall Studios
73A Leonard Street
London, United Kingdom


Jaybo Monk live painting Video at Soto Berlin Shot and edited by Timid

Very Nice Video of Jaybo Painting Live at Soto Berlin. Shot and Edited by Timid Great Work all around. Photo’s Courtesy of Jaybo’s Facebook Page.

Jaybo’s Facebook Page

Jaybo’s Website I Wish u Sun

Timid Agents of Change Site

Part2ism Tribute to Graffiti Legend Rammellzee

Check out this Tribute by Part2ism for Graffiti Legend Rammellzee.

Photos by Feathers courtesy of

Part2ism Myspace

El Mac and Augustine Kofie in Berlin

El Mac & Augustine Kofie Berlin 2010

Augustine Kofie Berlin 2010

El Mac Berlin 2010

Timelapse Berlin Wall

El Mac and Kofie Project Room Shot by Timid

I apologize for the brief lack of updates been involved in a couple of moves for the better and i was unable to get the site updated the way i would like and instead of just posting up some garbage i figured it would be best to wait. So as I was gone El Mac and Kofie were in Berlin putting in some work at Projectroom for a Live painting session and also got to get a Wall finished. No introductions needed for these two. Here are some pics of the Wall and a time lapse of the wall. Also Timid was able to put together this Dope Video of Them at Projectroom props to Timid for the video.

Check out more at

Kofie’s Vimeo Page

Kofie’s Flickr Page

Timids Vimeo @ AOC


If you cant make it to LA to see LAZARIDES New Show “EUROTRASH” in Person here is some sneak peak shots taken from an Early Preview. Shows Opens Tomorrow.

Pics Via JRML

EuroTrash – Lazarides group exhibition in LA
Featuring JR
Antony Micallef
Conor Harrington

9th June 2010 – 27th June 2010
Lazarides LA is proud to introduce, EuroTrash: a stellar line up of some of the hottest European artists around.

Hailing from France, JR will bring his unique vision to Beverly Hills. Immersing himself within cultures where struggle and conflict are rife, he presents his monochromatic photographs and installations.

Renovating the urban environment much like JR, is the innovative Portugese artist Alexandre Farto aka Vhils. He manipulates a variety of surfaces to create his extraordinary vision. From the brick facade of buildings to peeling off layered flyposters, he reveals images that explore the sub-cultures and dynamism of a city.

Cork born painter Conor Harrington explores the illusion of power and the emotional side of masculinity in his large-scale paintings. Combing the fast pace of grafitti art with traditional oil painting, resulting in energetic murals of soldiers and conquerors existing within a chaotic abstracted landscape.

Antony Micallef returns to LA with his distinctive style of painting. Drawing on icons of contemporary society which both celebrate and condemn modern day living. His most recent works are built upon a profound belief in the act of brushstrokes and animals and humans merge in the happy accident of the artist’s extreme stream of consciousness.

Immortalising the individual in monumental proportions is what these exciting artist do best. Using the overlooked, misunderstood and mundane elements of our everyday, each artist captures our attention with their distinctive style and alternative approach.

Lazarides | 320 North Beverly Drive | Beverly Hills | CA | 90210

Monday – Sunday 12 pm – 8pm

Phone: +1 323 202 6339 / +1 323 202 5305

Artist Feature Moneyless

Moneyless picture by Marco Montanari

Moneyless picture by Marco Montanari

Moneyless picture by Marco Montanari

Moneyless picture by Marco Montanari

Moneyless picture by Marco Montanari

Moneyless picture by Marco Montanari

Moneyless picture by Marco Montanari

Moneyless picture by Marco Montanari

Moneyless picture by Marco Montanari

Moneyless and Basik

I think we are the only site out that can go from an Interview with an artist like Geso, then transition into another artist such as Moneyless. I tend to think that even if on polar opposites they both need to be represented and acknowledged. Moneyless’s work borders on the conceptual as he is a viewer as well as a purveyor of space. His ability to take an abandoned or natural environment and turn it into a work of art is truly amazing. His paintings and drawings are also able to stand on there own as works of art as his geometric style and use of color works well with his ideas. Moneyless an Italian artist with a thorough background in art and has chosen like so many contemporary artist currently, to work in public spaces and abandoned areas. It seems like Artists that maybe 10 years ago might have been showing in galleries and museums are instead choosing to show where they decide in the streets. I got mixed opinions on street artists but i cant deny an artist like Moneyless’s work. There was a time when non objective abstract was a nouveu term, well we need a new term to define the new non-letterobjective artist that are starting to emerge in the graffiti scene. I know the argument about what is and isnt graffiti, but there is no denying artists like Moneyless that are taking part in the culture regardless of your definition. Im just going to sit back and admire the art that these artists produce and not get into the semantics. Here is a quick bio on Moneyless.

Born in Milan in 1980 Teo Pirisi aka Moneyless For years has been doing research and investigation on different aspects of shapes and geometrical spaces as a visual artist. After graduating at Carrara Fine Arts Academy (multimedia course), Teo attended a postgraduate course in Communication Design at Isia (Florence). At the same time he developed an individual artistic career that brought his artworks to be shown in public spaces as well as abandoned spots. Teo is a graphic designer and a freelance illustrator as well; in the last few years he’s been doing several collective and personal exhibitions in Italy and Europe.

You can see more work on Moneyless’s Flickr Account

also pictures thanks to Marco Montanari here is his flickr